Infinix Hot 5 to be Unveilled on August 28 at an Attractive Price

Infinix Hot 5

Infinix Hot 5The successor to the entry-level smartphone, Hot 4 is about to get its curtains drawn. Infinix has confirmed that the Hot 5 is coming going to be launched in Kenya in a few days time and it will be priced at around Ksh.10,000, which as we know it, is the Hot lineup territory.

A little over a month ago, Infinix introduced a new lineup of smartphones, aptly named, Smart. Infinix Smart was aimed at the entry-level buyers as well, but it had some nice features that we hardly see even on flagships, such as the dual front-facing speakers.

Well, the Infinix Hot 5 picks up from the Infinix Smart and also includes dual front-facing speakers with Dirac Stereo Widening technology, 5.5-inch HD display, 2GB RAM, 16GB internal storage, a beefy 4000mAh battery, a rear-facing fingerprint reader, 8MP main camera coupled with a 5MP selfie shooter, Android 7.0 with XOS on top and powered by a MediaTek MT6580 processor. Fairly decent specs for that price tag.

Infinix Nigeria is already teasing the device with the tagline “My Mobile Cinema” giving us the impression that Infinix is targetting the Hot 5 at media consumers. As tradition, there will also be a lesser spec’d Infinix Hot 5 Lite available.

The Hot 5 Lite features the same dual front-facing speaker setup, the same 4000mAh battery, the same MT6580 processor, the same HD 5.5-inch display, the same amount of internal storage at 16GB and similar camera optics. where the Lite takes a beating is with less RAM, at 1GB and the lack of a fingerprint reader.

Infinix has informed Techweez that the Hot 5 will go on sale on August 28 at around Ksh.10,000 on Jumia. We have also learnt that the much-anticipated Infinix Note 4 Pro will be launching the same day.

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  1. How is this an upgrade again? Same specs, why won’t they ditch the mt 6580 and go for mt 6737? They’ve used this chip since hot 1, how about a change? Please!!

  2. I love infinix for their consistency when it comes to dropping new devices, i hope this doesn’t get too expensive…

    • I too do love infinix, heck, my first ‘real performance’ phone was the hot note but I the trend on the hot series,
      well, I just think it’s getting old! time they gave the hot series a real upgrade in performance. At least bring in 64bit capability and 4G connectivity. All they need to do is ditch the mt 6580 for the mt 6737, ot a snapdragon 400 series. I love what they tried out with the hot 3 LTE, If only they kept this up!

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