We Could See a Xiaomi Smartphone Running Stock Android


Xiaomi is currently ranked by IDC as the number 5 smartphone brand in the world, having shipped 21.2 million smartphones in Q2 2017. It is fact that Xiaomi makes solid devices with solid specifications at affordable prices. It is also a fact that Xiaomi devices can be simply described as great hardware with crappy software.

Xiaomi smartphones run a heavily customized version of Android dubbed MIUI. MIUI is great with features, the theme engine is exceptionally good with the option of changing how every aspect of the user interface looks like. However, this heavy customization comes at a price; one MIUI is overly aggressive with battery management and apps get frozen as soon as you leave them which in turn means you hardly get your notifications on time. Secondly, MIUI takes forever to update to the latest Android versions. It is just the other day that they started pushing Android Nougat to its devices, close to a year after it was released.

According to Krispitech, Xiaomi might be working with Google to produce an Android One device. Krispitech reports that Xiaomi will be making an Android One version of their mid-range Mi 5X smartphone. This is news we are inclined to believe, considering Google announced at I/0 2017 that they will be bringing the Android One platform to mid-range and flagship devices later on this year.

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The MIUI-clad Xiaomi Mi 5X has a 5.5-inch full HD display powered by a Snapdragon 625 platform, 32GB or 64GB storage options with 4GB RAM, Dual 12MP cameras with 2x optical zoom, coupled with a 5MP selfie shooter. The device has a rear-mounted fingerprint reader, USB Type-C and a 3080mAh battery all for around Ksh. 25,000.

If the claims are true, this will mean that Xiaomi will release a Mi 5X running stock Android – maybe the name will change. Considering the price is already pocket-friendly in its current state, a partnership with Google could see it lose a couple of thousands on its price tag and that, that I want!


  1. But one of the main reasons we buy Xiaomi is because of their awesome software. This one I’m out!

    • You’re literally the first person I have seen say that. I bought my two Xiaomi devices because they were affordable and had great specs

  2. […] We got wind of this device a couple of days when word went round that the Chinese OEM was working with Google to put an Android One device on store shelves. Often, these are rumours that we take with a pinch of salt owing to how Chinese Android phone manufacturers roll. In other words, I have never understood their obsession with forking Android to the core, changing UI elements, removing stock features and adding a fresh coat of paint in attempt to appeal to the Chinese market that is so in love with iOS-esque interfaces. […]

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