7 Reasons To Get a Showmax Subscription in Kenya


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The subscription model of video on demand services has become quite competitive in recent times and they continuously look for new ways to remain competitive.

In Kenya, we are fortunate enough to have several players that offer such services and Showmax is one of them. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider subscribing for Showmax.

Local caching of content

ShowMax partnered with Seacom back in January this year to host its caching servers in Nairobi. Local caching has its benefits of letting people pull video content close to home which means less time buffering and faster response time. Since Showmax is a video subscription service, the advantages are more than obvious.

Data saving tools

Video streaming can be a data hogging process but fortunately, Showmax has integrated tools in the app that will allow a user have more control over their data usage. You can decide whether the app uses low, medium or no capping at all right from the settings. You can also download movies and TV shows for offline viewing when you are away from that sweet Wi-Fi connection.

Benefits from paying via MPESA

MPESA is a vital part of the Kenyan culture and we use the platform to pay for goods and services. Showmax has MPESA integration where you can pay for your subscription via the service, which is convenient for most Kenyans out there.

showmax mpesa discount

Showmax has a promotion for a limited time where if you pay KES 250 via MPESA, you will get 3 months of the Premium bouquet. The Premium bouquet is priced at KES 880 per month so this promotion saves you KES 2390, which is cool!

Managing devices connected to your Showmax Account

Showmax is intended for a user to watch from various devices: smartphones, Smart TVs, DSTV Explora (only in South Africa), your computer and even on the Xbox One. You can have up to 5 devices connected to your account and Showmax allows you to manage all these sessions from the app or on desktop.

Local Content

Subscription video on demand services usually feature content produced from other countries, but Showmax has catered for the Kenyan audience by adding several exclusive locally produced shows which form part of the over 20,000 TV shows and movies catalogue on Showmax.

International Content

Showmax has international content that are available first in Kenya on the subscription service like Jude Law’s drama – The Young Pope, MMA Drama Kingdom, the Doctor Who Spinoff Class, Hillary Duff’s comedy Younger and Tom Hardy’s drama – Taboo.

It is also the only streaming service that gives you access to the best of HBO’s popular drama TV shows like Game of Thrones, Westworld and The Night Of.

Dedicated content for Kids

showmax kids tab android

On Showmax, there is a dedicated section for content targeted for kids, which is curated to cater for their needs. It is separate from the general timeline as a dedicated tab on desktop and on the mobile app.

showmax parental control

You can also setup a new profile under “My Account” settings where you can tailor the sort of content the person intended to use the profile would see. An adult will have access to the whole catalogue and you can set it up for teens, older kids and even for the younger kids.

Showmax has an offer where you can claim your free 14 day trial where you only need to input your phone number and you’ll get your trial voucher via SMS. You can claim the two-week trial by clicking here.


  1. The data capping feature is great but let’s see if the Safaricom – Huawei partnership is going to see more houses get connected to fiber. At present, unlimited data seems to be an issue.

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