Twitter is Testing a Way For You to Create ‘Threads’ Easily


One of the best things about Twitter is the fact that some of its best features have been born from the community (like the hashtag) and it is only upto the company to incorporate this as official features.

Twitter was originally designed as a social network where you send brief posts that appear on your followers timelines. Since Twitter’s nature is being brief and to the point, it is hard for someone to cram a whole story in 140 characters and people have resulted into what is officially known as tweetstorms and unofficially as threads.

Tweetstorms involve someone “threading” or linking tweets together when you are narrating a story or talking about a certain topic in length. They have become so popular to the point where Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, has acknowledged the practice.

It seems now the company wants to make it easy for people to create ‘tweetstorms’ and it was spotted by Matt Navarra

AS you can see from the screenshots shared, the feature allows you to create threads in one easy interface which you can share at one go. This looks like a direct port of how you normally on Twitter but made in such a way you can do it easily.

According to Matt, this feature is currently hidden and not activated on Android and we are yet to know when it will go live to all users.

This is a brilliant move by Twitter as they try to appease their current user base, which is good since they are not growing anyway.


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