Showmax For Kids, What You Need to Know

showmax for kids

In normal broadcast television, content is usually segmented for various ages that you’ll find in a typical audience. There is content for adults, teens and even kids and in the streaming world, this idea has not disappeared entirely.

Showmax can also let you tailor the content you see for the various types of age groups you may have in your house. Since you are able to register up to five devices on your Showmax account, you can dedicate devices for the adults, teens and kids.

There are two ways of setting up Showmax for your kids:

Dedicated Kids tab

There is a dedicated tab on the mobile app and on desktop where you can find content that is dedicated for kids easily. You can sort the content either by its genre, by the time of release or even in alphabetical order.

This mode is an easy way to set up your device so that a kid can enjoy content from Showmax.

Kids profiles

There is another way for a kid to watch Shomax content on a device and it involves creating a dedicated ‘kids profile’ within settings.

Just head over to Account settings on Showmax, select ‘Manage Profiles’ and click on the blue button ‘add profile’. Add the kid’s name, an optional pin if necessary and choose the relevant category for your kid (older kids or younger kids). You can also go ahead to choose the preferred audio/subtitle language. When you are done, click the blue ‘add profile’ button to confirm.

After setting up…

When you are done setting up the profile for the kids, all you have to do is reload your app and you can choose the new profile name, underneath the profile section on the app. Tapping on it will load a new page which lets you confirm the switch (add your PIN if you set it up here) and validate the option.

From Barbie to Paw Patrol, there’s something for all kids. Go to to get your two-week free trial. Then if your kids love it, Showmax is running a special where you can get three months of ShowMax for Ksh.250, down from Ksh.880. That’s a bargain.