Twitter is Bringing Back Favourites, But with a New Term



Twitter Q2 2017

I was among the many long time Twitter users who were not happy that the company decided to rebrand the favourite button with the like button. That button had a lot of significance in how we used Twitter since we were able to favourite a post for viewing later and it functioned like the traditional bookmark we see on websites.

We have been wondering how Twitter will ever bring that functionality back and it seems they are actually working on it.

Twitter’s Product Manager, Jesar Shar announced that for Hack Week, they have started developing Save For Later which will allow you to bookmark tweets. Here is a demo that she showed to the world.

It works rather well. When you scroll down your timeline and see a tweet that you’d want to view it later, just tap on the options and click “Add to Bookmarks.” In the demo, Twitter has added a ‘Bookmarks’ option within the hamburger menu where you can view the posts that you have saved over time.

This is actually a worthy update to Twitter and will satisfy those users who were mad (like me) at Twitter for rebranding the favourite button. Currently on Twitter, the like button doesn’t do you justice in this front and you are forced to DM yourself or save the link somewhere else.