Infinix Quiet X_2When you hear Infinix, their budget lineup of smartphones comes to mind. Well, the company has been spreading its wings from just making smartphones and they have been making accessories as well. Their first accessory was the Infinix XE-02 noise cancellation earphones that were released last year and quickly ran out of stock both online and in their brand shops. Well, this year, alongside the Infinix Zero 5 series, the company announced a new set of accessories, the Infinix Quiet X and Quiet 1. The Quiet X are Bluetooth headphones that come with active noise cancellation and the Quiet 1 are in-ear wired earphones that also feature noise cancellation.

In this case, we will be looking at the Quiet X, starting with the spec sheet:

  • Aluminum and hard plastic build
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • 25 hours playback time
  • Active noise cancellation up to 25db
  • USB Charging port with flat charging cable
  • 3.5mm jack with cable AUX included

Infinix Quiet X Headphones

Initial impressions are good. The build quality is premium if I may say, it helps that the unit I have is white in color, so it turns heads everywhere I go. As for comfort, that is subjective but I didn’t find them annoyingly uncomfortable – they aren’t heavy so you should be able to wear them for long hours without feeling like you’re carrying a load on your head.

The highlight of the headphones is the active noise cancellation that can be activated by pressing a button on the left ear cuff. When switched on, the sound is amplified through an inbuilt DAC and environmental noise is reduced to 25db. Unfortunately, this does not make everything quiet, it just reduces the noise by a bit – you will still hear that nduthi (motorbike) zoom past you or that loud tractor drilling around.

Infinix Quiet X ANC

Before this turns into a full review, let me mention that the battery life has been impressive so far, I charge them once a week, which is good enough for me. The headphones retail for Ksh.7,000 but they are yet to go on sale. Well, here are photos of the Infinix Quiet X for your enjoyment:

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