For Valentine’s Day, Facebook Messenger Wants You To Declare your Relationship

facebook messenger valentine's day

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During Valentine’s day, people usually go the extra mile to treat their loved ones and as usual corporations want to get on this hype train. Since we are in an era where the use of social networking sites is now part and parcel of our daily lives, these companies also want to capitalize on the day and one of them is Facebook.

For Valentine’s Day, Facebook announced a new feature that is activated when you declare you are in a relationship on Facebook.

When you declare that you are in a romantic relationship on Facebook, you will get a notification from Messenger that will open a conversation with your loved one. Within the conversation, you will get special filters like raining hearts , 😍emoji at the lower right hand corner for easy use, having custom text color, emoji and nickname and your loved one will be the first person to appear on the Active tab.

You will also get these effects and filters on Messenger video chat where after starting a video chat, just tap on the star icon to access them.

Facebook understands that emojis are the new love language and this is so since over 2 billion emojis are shared everyday on Messenger where 😘😍 and ❤ ranked in the top 5 most popular emojis. Interesting enough, men and women express their love via emojis similarly and when it comes to personalizing their chat, red is the most popular.

Facebook really wants you to use their platform to connect with your loved ones and it is surprising they decided to limit this on Messenger and not extend this to Instagram for example.