Kenya’s ICT Authority Head Lobbies for Increased Adoption of ICTs in Counties

ICT Authority CEO Robert Mugo
ICT Authority CEO Robert Mugo

ICT Authority CEO Robert MugoKenya’s ICT Authority has renewed its spirit in pushing for increased uptake of ICTs to spur development across all counties.

Speaking during the 2018 ICT Forum that was attended by ICT CeCs from all 47 counties, ICT Authority CEO Robert Mugo mentioned some counties have streamlined their operations to go in line with the smart county program as well as the County ICT Road maps.

It is worth noting the institution’s first initiative in partnership with counties is the smart county project that continues to provide ICT equipment across the mentioned territorial divisions. The program has seen key strides, including the unification of communication systems and development of a data centre in Nairobi County.

At the moment, the authority is equipping county headquarters with basic ICT equipment that range form office applications, emails and training services.

Mr. Mugo noted some counties have implemented some aspects of the ICT Road Maps as stipulated in the National ICT Master Plan for 2008-2018. The plan encompasses a link between county governments and the National Government in matters regarding key flagship projects such as National Optical Fibre Backbone Infrastructure (NOFBI), County Connectivity Project (CCP), Presidential Digital Talent Programme (PDTP) and the Ajira Digital Programme (ADP).

Speaking of Ajira Digital Program, Mr. Mugo noted the platform is in the process of registering and training 1 million youth by 2022. The platform is known for supporting people who, in the recent past, have chosen online platforms for work purposes. Ajira will continue to link them to partners to create more opportunities, as well as providing work centres for onsite training and mentorship.

It appears the government has big plans for the ICT sector based on Big Four Plan that was highlighted on 2018’s draft budget policy where it purposes to see 1) further expansion of connectivity solutions through National Optic Fibre Backbone (NOFBI) Broadband, 2) connecting all State Departments to a Unified Government Communications System, 3) tackling the cybersecurity menace and 4) increasing the number of youth trainees in the Ajira and Presidential Talent Initiative programs.