14 Best Cheap Smartwatches for Doctors and Nurses

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The best choice for smartwatches depends on how you live your day. It also depends on where you’re employed! Because of their working conditions, doctors and nurses require specific smartwatches that work for them.

Nursing and doctor work is extremely stressful. It’s a job all about caring for others, so doctors and nurses often forget about caring for their own well being. Having a guide to remind you about where you are in your health is important for remembering to take care of yourself.

Aside from health monitoring, smartwatches are necessary when cell phones aren’t allowed on the floor or when you have your hands tied. For times when you can’t pull your phone out of your pocket, a smartwatch definitely comes in handy. Let’s check out the 15 best cheap smartwatches for doctors and nurses!

Funic Waterproof Smartwatch

Ok, so let’s say you’ll looking for something really cheap. The Funic smartwatch from Amazon is waterproof and under 30 bucks.

Check your heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen monitoring, sleep, and sedentary reminding. However, you probably don’t have to worry about sedentary reminders since you’re usually on your feet for your job.

Aipker Smartwatch

If that last watch wasn’t cheap enough, the Aipker Smartwatch is under $15, and you can get it on Amazon.

This smartwatch is Android compatible and offers a touch screen display with bluetooth capabilities. Get your Android phone notifications send straight to your watch. Also get Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more notifications from social media.

Gear S3 Frontier

Another fantastic option is the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier smartwatch from Best Buy.

Analog watches are a better idea for nurses and doctors who can easily take vital signs with a tacking watch rather than a digital watch without a hand to count seconds.

The strap is comfortable and the face is easy to read, and you can try looking for Best Buy promo codes or other discounts to lighten the blow to your wallet here.

Samsung Gear Fit2

This next smartwatch does an important thing on any medical floor – it stays out of the way. The Samsung Gear Fit2 from Target is a smart way to save money on a quality item (plus, find Target promo codes here and here). It’s sleek enough to look nice while having smooth enough surfaces that won’t knock up against things.

Choosing a refurbished version of a top quality brand is a good way to save big on items that are usually much more expensive.

Sleep Monitoring Smartwatch

Another watch that’ll stay out of the way is the Sleep Monitoring Smartwatch for Android – this one’s from Amazon. The flattened surface will make sure it doesn’t hit anything while you’re working with your hands.

This one is the one of the best cheap smartwatches for doctors and nurses because it’s only about 10 bucks. It doesn’t get cheaper than that!

Make calls, get notifications, and keep track of your valuable sleep.

Padgene Bluetooth Smartwatch

A great choice for under 20 bucks is the Padgene Bluetooth Smartwatch, also from Amazon.

Answer calls, get push messages, and track your sleep habits with this functional yet cheap choice when looking at smartwatches for doctors and nurses. It’s compatible for Android as well as iOS and tablets.

Fossil Gen 3 Smartwatch

You track heart rates all day, but it’s important to keep track of your own! See where your stress levels are at with the Fossil Gen 3 Smartwatch from WatchStation.

Look snazzy in a name brand watch for less, especially with the 15% off WatchStation promo codes here.

X6 Smartwatch

As we mentioned, your watch gets banged up by all sorts of things. The X6 Smartwatch from Tidebuy.com is beautifully designed with that nice flat surface.

It works with your Android and iPhone so you can keep your smartwatch and regular phone linked up. Plus, you can get up to $40 off your Tidebuy order with these promo codes, or search for other coupons here.

Q Wander Smartwatch

Another solid option for doctors and nurses is the Fossil Q Wander smartwatch, from Yoox. It looks like a snazzy style watch but it’s actually smart!

This watch has customizable faces, so you can make it work for you. It also stays charged for 24 hours which is important for long work shifts.

Pebble Smartwatch

The Pebble smartwatch from Walmart (coupon codes here and here) is a simple smartwatch for the wearer that doesn’t need too many bells and whistles. Get Facebook and Twitter notifications, meeting reminders, and everything else you need.

This basic yet useful smartwatch is lightweight and can withstand some knocking around. Get this – the battery can last 5-7 days. That’s some serious battery life and it’s what you need for long shift hours when you can’t get away.

Xtreme Smartwatch

Another good choice from Walmart is the Xtreme Smartwatch. The comfort band lets doctors and nurses go about their day without worrying about an ill fitting watch.

The OLED screen lets you keep in touch with friends and check your stats. The design is very minimalist – sometimes simplicity is best!

Martian Smartwatch

Here’s another one on the list that’s ideal specifically for doctors. The Martian Smartwatch from Amazon sends you notifications and alerts while you’re working. The clean, white look of it goes perfectly with a bright white lab jacket or scrubs.

It’s hard to believe that a classy watch like that is under $50. The timeless style mixed with smartwatch capabilities makes it a savvy choice for everyday work wear.


The CF006 Smartwatch from GearBest is for those who don’t want something too flashy. Get everything you need in a smartwatch without drawing too much attention to your wrist.

The textured band provides comfort and you can adjust it as needed. Monitor your heart rate and blood pressure easily. Not to mention, this one is waterproof, and there are plenty of GearBest promo codes (some for up to 60% off!) available.

KKCITE Smartwatch

If you don’t necessarily need a waterproof smartwatch, but are looking for something “sweat proof,” then this next smartwatch may be for you. The KKCITE Smartwatch from Amazon offers the cool look of an Apple Watch but without the price.


Cheap smartwatches are not hard to find, but this list rounds up the 15 best cheap smartwatches for doctors and nurses available on the market. Choose the one that makes the most sense for your workflow and make your work days easier!