Is it Laurel or Yanny? This Video is Dividing the Internet

It depends on the pitch as shown by a random user

yanny or laurel

yanny or laurel

Once in a while, we get to see a photo or video that tends to bring such contrasting views that it makes both factions think the other is crazy. This video is the latest one and it is straight from the weird sections on Reddit.

From the Black magic fuckery (yes you read that right) subreddit, this video has brought such contrasting views, the resulting comments about it are incredible.

What do you guys hear ? from r/blackmagicfuckery

This is a 3 second video of a screenshot where the person added an Instagram poll where he asked people whether people heard “Yanny” or “Laurel”. The original poster is Cloe Feldman and you can also see she posted it on her Twitter.

Interesting enough, you could see people commenting that they heard Laurel and others say they heard Yanny .

A similar discourse was seen on Twitter and you could see people saying that they heard different things.

This discussion veered out fast later on

In my case however, I could hear Laurel clearly and something obscure that sounded like a whisper. Interestingly, people found out how to game the video where if you change the pitch of the recording. When the pitch was lower, you can hear yanny clearly and when the pitch is higher, you consistently hear laurel.

The last time we saw such a fiasco on the Internet is during the blue/black or white/gold dress one. It was so serious,, some researchers even wrote a paper about it!


  1. it seems weird but I hear Yanny and Laurel at the same time. Yanny is high pitched and Laurel is bass dominant. Anyone else?

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