Telkom Introduces Super Cheap 5GB ‘Night Owl’ Bundle

Night owl data

Night owl dataThere are a lot, and we mean a lot of Telkom Kenya data plans out there. This is not surprising as competing carriers have done the same thing to appeal to a wider subscriber base, but we cannot fail to notice that this approach was pioneered by Telkom, which has been pushing its products since the mid-2017 rebrand from Orange Kenya.

The latest attempt by the telco to net more users was started a couple of days ago. Dubbed #EveryBobCounts to loosely translate to ‘you get the value of every coin you spend on Telkom’, the promotion is hard to escape thanks to the operator’s good job in embellishing our retinas with billboards, social media hashtags, television commercials and posts like this.

Anyway, the newest product that is going to augment the offerings of the campaign is live already and is packed with an attractive set of features.

To begin with, it is called Night Owl Data for people who are not early birds or morning larks. You know yourselves, so it is time to rejoice, at least for the moment.

So, here is what subscribers will get:

  • A respectable 5 gig bundle for KES 39
  • The bundle will last for 6 hours, which is from 0000 hours to 0600 hours. That is 12 midnight to 6 AM in the morning for those who do not dig military hours.
  • In case you exhaust the bundle, you can still purchase another one provided you are within the 6-hour window.
  • Interestingly, you can buy two or more plans at a go – and the bundle will accumulate.
  • If you cannot exhaust the bundle, and there is a good chance some of you will not, the remainder will not be carried forward to the next night.
  • Of course, the bundle will not be doubled for the folks covered by LTE services because that will mean the telco is over-generous and too caring. An emotional relationship with your customers is bad for business.

Access is available via the standard *544# code (every operator uses this code. So original, yet functional) or through My Telkom App.

We have not tested the product to determine if speeds will be throttled, but we’ll give you a confident answer during the weekend. Just keep tabs on our forums in case a user finds something interesting.


  1. Wadau, is there something like 4g telkom modem? I googled and all i see is mifi router. I needed a modem so is there a way of getting one?

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