Infinix Stays True to Android One’s Benefits, Sends Fixes and Security Patch for the Note 5

Infinix Note 5 (2)

Infinix Note 5 (2)Many of us were surprised when Transsion Group’s arm, Infinix, jumped into the Android One bandwagon. It was a pleasant surprise for a fair share of phone-clutching, budget-hunting demographic, and while Infinix targets all kinds of Kenyans, from entry level-oriented ones to those who can spend tens of thousands for its Zero flagship, the need to drop the Note 5 packed with vanilla Android goodies is something these groups can actually be happy about.

That aside, the perks of a device that has ‘Android One’ slapped on the back plate is that updates will be streaming in in a timely manner. This has mostly been the case with Note 5, which received a notable update today that tips the scales at about 200 MB or so.

Packaged in the OTA update that arrived earlier today is August’s dose of security patches from Google (the Note 5 is actually late to this party as some Android One and some flagship devices received the update more than a month ago), an update on the Google GSM package and an updated File Go, a file management app that was built for Android Go (the version of Android that is dumbed down to run smoothly on budget specs, a move that Google believes will allow manufacturers cut the price of phones in a bid to bolster smartphone penetration in developing economies).

Also in the update are the normal fixes for the system that should make your Infinix Note 5’s day-to-day usage a better experience.

In our review, we were adequately convinced that the Note 5 is one of Infinix’s better devices owing to its excellent and tall screen (for the price), admirable camera (for the price), impeccable battery endurance and unbloated and responsive  Android experience (for the price as well).

Another thing worth noting is that the Note 5 will see its better spec’d twin, the Note 5 Pro hit retail stores any time from now. We will wait for the launch, secure one and give it a spin for a review at later date.


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