Twitter Turns Another Beloved Cartoon Character Into a Viral Meme

Rolf might be the new Sppongebob

rolf memes

People will turn anything they see on the Internet into a meme. It may be a funny photo of a celebrity or like a cartoon character like Spongebob like we’ve seen time and time again. This time round, we’ve seen how people can be creative enough to customize a meme to the point where it can fit any scenario.

This is the latest viral meme on Twitter where we see Rolf from Ed, Edd and Eddy (you’d know this if you watched the cartoon) looking through the window (or a door?) while clenching his teeth.

That was the original screenshot of Rolf looking out of the window but as you know this meme went south fast and it evolved rather quickly right before our very eyes.

See how this meme evolved? From Rolf to a black person

They started adding hair to Rolf

It didn’t even end there

When you both miss each other

When something happens outside the girl’s dorm

How your mum watches you when you go out

It even transcended over to Hip Hop pop culture. I mean he does look like Joe Budden in this evolution of the meme

The meme even became literal

Yup. Timeout. This is not Rolf anymore

And we are done here

Kenyans were not left either where they started using the already made memes and customizing them to their situations.

How ‘matatu’ conductors are when you give them money with a large denomination

African mums when you mess up. 

This is so accurate