Kenyans React To New Police New Uniforms on Twitter

kenya police

kenya police

Today, President Uhuru Kenyatta commissioned new uniforms for the Kenya Police and since this is 2018, we got to see them on social networks like Twitter. The Kenya Police has a verified Twitter account and the used that platform to share their new uniforms.

Part of the Kenya Police (now called General Duty Police) had the classic light blue shirts/ white shirts and navy blue trousers and we were used to that. aust like any other major change to something that has been identified for a long time, this was met by both criticism and love and it is quite polarizing on Twitter.

It looks like something from a Nigerian movie scene

They think it looks very ugly

Even this guy thinks the uniform looks ugly

This guy is lost for words.

Then people started speculating the source of the new Kenya Police uniforms.

They looked better in the old ones

The look like a security company, G4S

And the conspiracy theories started to fly around

Maybe we are being distracted, according to this gentleman

It could be a scandal

Unnecessary shade

This guy would rather be arrested by a Kenyan Police officer in the old gear

Some also found the odd similarity of the new Kenyan uniforms with others from another country. It is not China by the way, the photos show are from North Korea

Others were not bothered by the new uniform.

This former Senator likes it.

This guy thinks the new uniform is beautiful and he loves it.

They are not that bad


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