Huduma Website Found To Pass Hollywood Actress as Kenyan

Wait what?


One of the best things about the Internet is how random people find the most ridiculous things and share them on the Internet. Twitter is a very good example of this and you’d find people sharing things that are borderline ridiculous.

It is not uncommon to see referrals on companies/organization websites where they validate the services offered by the institution. The problem comes when the referees placed are obviously fake and this is what a keen eyed person noticed when she was apparently checking out the Huduma Centre website.

Trying to navigate the Huduma website and…is that…Kerry Washington?

— Rachel Gichinga (@Raaheli) January 3, 2019

She was navigating the Huduma website and under the What Kenyans say about Huduma, she found a shocking thing: An American actress, Kerry Washington was featured as a referee! In this case, Kerry Washington was referred to as one Ingress from Kisumu.

Aside from the fact that they added an American actress and passing her as a Kenyan, there is also a very obvious problem with that referral section. Every referral was exactly the same!

“I got an amazing experience being served at huduma centre, keep it up guys….”

This discovery shows how lazy the website developer was and decided to come up with fake ‘clients’ who apparently had the exact same sentiment about Huduma Centre services. It doesn’t paint a good picture about the government institution in any measure. Interesting enough when you go to the Huduma Kenya website, it seems like they deleted that section.