The Superstitious Network is a recently launched social media platform that allows users from all over the world to post their most irrational beliefs. It is hard to try to understand the persistent nature of our superstitions. They are fascinating and as humans, we are hard-wired for them – we have this innate tendency to believe in unsupported and often irrational things.

Going with the tagline “The invisible network that holds our world together”, this network is a fun place to go post your weird superstitions or find other people’s strange beliefs. The concept is easy and has a simple interface with no need to create an account with them. You’ll only have to add your country of origin and select if the superstition is personal or general

You’d think superstitions would die with all this enlightenment, but no – on this network created by @ancagrosan you’ll find even the most absurd superstitions ranging from ones acquired culturally, religiously or scientifically acquired to personally developed ones like this one which I found to be highly relatable:

“TV volume always needs to be set to an even number”

Superstitions have lived longer than books, engraved in our minds until they become part of our existence and now we have a social network dedicated for them. If you’ve recently deleted your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts or not, then this site will be an alternative network when you get bored and want to be fascinated by other peoples irrational beliefs or find comfort knowing that someone else shares the same weird superstitions you have and that you’re not alone.