Instagram to Let Users Share Posts to Multiple Accounts, Adds Google Photos Shortcut


Instagram iOS app now lets you share posts to multiple accounts in one sitting or at least for some users just like how the Twitter app does if you manage multiple accounts. The Facebook-owned giant photo sharing platform said in a statement to the Techcrunch said that the feature will soon be available to all of its iOS users but didn’t give a timeline of when Android users should expect it. This option becomes available to you when you want to share a post and if you manage a couple of accounts, the handles will show up with toggles of which account to share the post with. This will come in handy both for businesses and personal accounts.

The “self regram” feature can be used by businesses who run multiple partnerships or takeovers by celebrities to increase engagement. Meme pages and photography accounts can also use this feature to share the same meme or photo to other accounts to increase their clout. Instagram has for so long denied vehemently, even after leaks, that they’re bringing the regram button and making it native on its apps but the recently added feature to share posts to Stories and now this show that it is clearly discretely embracing this badly needed feature.

“We are rolling out this feature to provide a better experience for people who often post to multiple accounts.”

Google Photos shortcut

Instagram isn’t leaving Android behind as they’re now testing a neat shortcut to import photos from Google Photos instead of going through the mul;tiple steps just to share that beach photo and fill your followers with envy. Some users are already seing this shortcut now postioned right on the image selection screen instead of the usual Choose from another app.

The concerns – your timeline is about to get spammier

Instagram has been a haven for originality at least as compared to other social media platforms and critics are concerned that when accounts start sharing the same photos, the platform will get ruined with cluttered posts. The feature itself can be put to good use and save users a lot of time spent instead of switching between handles and allow them to post simultaneuosly.  Instagram will have to come up with ways to downvote generic content – hopefully, the Instagram algorithm is well-equipped to maintain the integrity of our feeds or else we’ll move on to the next uncluttered social media platform. Time will tell. Also you’ll have to wait longer for the native regram button – third-party regramming apps are already doing this job without greatly ruining Instagram’s user interface.