Basement App for iOS

Basement App for iOSTired of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter? Basement might be another choice to consider if you’re migrating from these giant social media platforms.

With the majority of these giant networks having privacy scandals among other issues. The Y-combinator funded Basement wants to be a refuge for you and your close friends.

What is Basement?

Basement is a simple social network, a micro-network much like other smaller networks such as Path and Klout which shut down last year. Basement is different as its target demographic is young people, unlike the others who went for family and friends.

Once you join, you’re limited to adding 20 friends. The platform has no filters and influencers. Fernando Rojo and Jeremy Berman, the company’s co-founders hope its users will be sharing authentic content, unlike other platforms where sponsored posts run wild.

You can also limit who you share to by tagging your mutual friends. regarding comments, a user will see their friends comment on a post and for non-friends, they’ll appear as anonymous.

Apart from the normal feed, there is also a feed for memes to explore and share.

What’s Basement’s business plan?

The co-founders say they’ll use WhatsApp previous model before they were bought by Facebook where it’s free to use for one year but after that, you have to get a subscription. Also, there’ll be no ads on the platform.

How does it stack up against the likes of Facebook?

Basement’s concept makes sense until you see who it’s up against – for micro-networks it is and always has been a challenge especially if you’re not Facebook. Facebook is everywhere and it has WhatsApp Groups and Instagram’s Close Friends feature which do a similar thing.

I want to try it out

Basement can be accessed via its iOS app. If you’re looking for a more intimate social network free of ads, then give it a try. Hopefully, it gains tractions before going the way of the rest that try to challenge giants like Facebook.


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