WorkspaceThe internet can be a very interesting place if you know where to look at. Discovered will do the digging and bring you the best, new and interesting apps, browser extensions or websites so you don’t have to.

This week’s finds are AI-powered apps and extensions, a new social media platform among others. Have a look at them:


Basement is a recently launched social media network with the aim of users having a limit of 20 friends sharing content in a more intimate platform.


This is a bookmarking app that lets you save articles for later and then reads them out for you. The articles are unlimited, you could even import articles from Pocket. After signing up, you’re given a private podcast feed and you can copy to your preferred podcast app.

It’s a subscription service for £4.99 per month. Give them a listen here. Other alternatives include Play (for Medium)and Medium Audio Stories.

First Tweets

This website shows you the first tweets from Twitter back when it was twittr. Scrolling down the site will launch more tweets.


As a nerd, I like reading articles that revolve around tech and science topics but time doesn’t allow me to indulge that much. Thanks to, I get stories summarised into five or less salient bullet points. They have a newsletter too.

The stories are manually summarised – they don’t need to push hundreds of summaries just the important ones.

Pomo Timer

If you’re into the Pomodoro technique, then Pomo Timer is the app for you.

Tune By Google

This is an AI-powered extension by Google to hide toxic comments. You can customise the toxicity you want to encounter by increasing or decreasing the volume of conversations that happen online in several platforms such as YouTube, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter and Disqus.

Other tools that do this include Vanilla, Blindfold, Sour Grapes, Remove Vanity Metrics and Hidy.

Caption AI

If you’ve ever snapped a dope pic but then lacked words to caption it for social media, then caption AI comes to the rescue. The assistant generates for you the perfect caption and hashtag for that Instagram or Facebook post.Caption AI

It is available for Android. Others include Caption This, Pretty Captions and Drake Captions – read here why they were trending last year.

This website creates unique ambient music and to help you focus during work days or nights. Try it here.

Discovered: We bring you the best, new and interesting apps, browser extensions or websites from all over the rabbit holes that is the internet.


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