Do You Need to Flip Video and Turn it into a Mirror Image?

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Do You Need to Flip Video and Turn it into a Mirror Image?

Flipping a video to mirror it can be very useful. It can help you to correct videos that were recorded as a mirrored image, or that were upside down. On top of that it can help to improve the composition, and correct continuity issues when joining video clips too.

If you’d rather not install a video editor just to flip your video however, there are alternatives. The one that you should try is the flip video web app that can help you to flip any video you need.

How Does the Flip Video Web App Work?

Due to the fact that it is web-based, you don’t need to download or install any software to use the flip video web app. Instead all you need to do is head over to the website and you can mirror video by following a few simple steps:

  1. Add and upload the video

To get started you need to add the video that you want to flip and upload it. If you want to upload a file from your computer or mobile device you can click on the ‘Choose File’ button or drag and drop the file into the area. Alternatively you can use the icons to select a video from Google Drive, Dropbox, or any other online URL.

  1. Set up the flip

Once the video is processed you’ll be taken to a simple interface with options to flip your video vertically or horizontally. When you select either option you can preview it in the interface as well.

If you’re satisfied you can then customize the output settings, by first selecting whether you want to optimize the video for the web, a desktop PC, mobile device, or animated GIF. After that you can select the resolution, format, and quality that you prefer – and enter a file name.

  1. Flip the video and download or view it

All that remains is to click the ‘Flip’ button and wait as the video is processed. It can be downloaded after it has been flipped, or you could upload the video to Google Drive or Dropbox, or view it in your browser.

Why is the Flip Video Web App Useful?

All in all you should be able to see how easy it is to flip a video using the app – which is why it is so useful. In a nutshell it will provide you with an easy, fast, and convenient way to flip videos without requiring you to download, sign up, install, or go through a steep learning curve.

The specialized nature of the flip video web app allows it to maintain a simple approach that isn’t complicated by any other bells and whistles. Essentially it sticks to what it does, and makes sure that it allows you to flip your video and output it in exactly the form that you prefer.

Be sure to give it a try for yourself so that you can see firsthand how easy it is to use and how it can help you to flip and mirror your videos.