Eazzy Banking App Constant Failure is Damaging Equity’s Online Brand

Eazzy App

Eazzy AppMobile banking apps are the new norm in the Kenyan market now because people want to keep track of their money and transactions in real-time. One of the apps that pioneered the boom and transition of banking services to the comfort of our pocket computers is Eazzy Banking app, which most of us have used loyally for years now.

However, for the better part of 2019, users have been let down by the app’s inconsistencies, which is not a good sign for folks who use the product every day including yours truly. A month or so ago, the app could not allow successful logins for more than a month amid complaints from users, although who those were already logged in could transact just fine. The issue came up when the banking institution was handling PR issues after a couple of people faulted Equity for being lax to handling customer complaints, including isolated cases where some customer funds miraculously disappeared from their accounts.

At the moment, the Eazzy Banking App is not available in Google Play. I discovered this omission yesterevening when I was setting up a new device. A quick search in the store confirmed the app was not there.

Now, Equity through its official Twitter page says that it ‘experienced a technical challenge that affected Eazzy Banking logins. The app is currently unavailable and our team is working on it. We encourage you to get access to your account vial Equitel or Eazzy 247 service in the meantime.’

I understand that the app has to do many complex processes in terms of working on our phones and then communicating the info over the air to connect to the servers and the data centres for the bank. This is a sophisticated activity, and the more complicated than what we see on the frontend. There are a lot of opportunities for services to break, which is what were are experiencing now.

However, these issues are becoming a bit too frequent. It simply is not good enough that customers are continuously not able to get access to services and their money via online means. It should also be noted that this is an institution that is continuously pushing for 100% digitization of its services, including corporate banking. To this end, and for some people, banking online with Equity is not a choice because the bank is somehow forcing people to use app-based and agency banking that should, theoretically cut trips to banking halls that are time-consuming and expensive.

It is unfair an unacceptable as people have bills to pay. They cannot do that if products such as Eazzy Banking – which, alongside its MVNO Equitel is second to M-PESA in terms of the volume of transactions, keep failing time to time.