New Month. New Week. If you’re planning to be more efficient and productive for the remaining part of the year, here are some new productivity apps, extensions and hacks and tips we have included to help you accomplish that goal.

These productivity apps are multiplatform meaning some support your Android phone, iPhone, Ipad, Pc, Mac and will work on the web too.


This is an iOS reminder app that lets you email notes to yourself. The notes could be map locations, tweets or just links.


Woven is a calendar event scheduling app for iOS, Mac, Windows and the web that lets you sync your work times with your friends if they have the same app. If they don’t, the app sends invite links and suggests times that work for everyone by checking when you and them are both free.

Microsoft’s Your Phone app

Microsoft’s Your Phone app does exactly that – it’s your phone on your Windows PC that lets you send and reply to texts among other things instead of grabbing your phone every time you need to respond or check something on your phone. In the near future, you’ll be able to do more than that including interacting with other apps on your phone.


Boomerang is an email add-on for Gmail, Outlook and as an app on your phone that pauses your inbox and lets you receive emails at a scheduled time when you’re free to act on them. This app lets you focus on more important things rather than checking your inbox for new emails.


Daywise is a notification app that schedules and bundles up your notifications for the appropriate times. We reviewed it here.


Spark is a new email app from Readdle. The app comes with features such as smart notifications and you also get to sort your mail by categories like personal, work and newsletters. It’s available for iOS, Mac and now Android.


Spike is another email app but in a messaging layout and you get your emails in chat bubbles. There’s even emojis and read receipts. It’s in all platforms Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and on the web. Spike is among the best Gmail alternatives.

Leave Me Alone

Leave Me Alone unsubscribes you from junk emails. The free version scans the past three days of emails for possible spam and upgrading to its one-time fee lets you scan back further. After identifying junk mail, you unsubscribe from their mailing lists – all with one click. uses machine learning to remove backgrounds on your photos and extracts the foreground image automatically for sharing on social media. It’s free for basic edits but there are pricing options for high definition edits.


CircleUp is an app that reminds on follow-ups for things like meetings you’ve scheduled. The paid service scans your calendar to see if you’ve scheduled meetings you might have forgotten about and then emails you with a reminder. The service also generates a thank you note to send.

Action Dash

On Apple’s iOS 12 and Android Pie’s Digital Wellbeing feature, there are tools to limit app usage and manage your screen time. Action Dash is an alternative app if you’re still on Android 8 Oreo that does the same thing but even better with powerful customisations and a deeper experience with enhanced insights.


Squoosh is an app powered by Google’s compression algorithms. You choose an image and play around with the sliders to compress the image to your preference, you get to know the size of the final image and also get a side by side comparison with the original photo.


If you work from home a lot and have kids around or in place with a lot of background noise, Krisp removes such distracting sounds during conference calls for more than 150 calling apps such as Skype and Slack. It works by cancelling noise on your computer and applies to the caller or recipient.


That’s it for now. We’ll keep updating this article with the latest resources. Or read this one from early this year. Have yourself a productive month.


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