The internet can be a very interesting place if you know where to look at. Discovered will do the digging and bring you the best, new and interesting apps, browser extensions or websites so you don’t have to.

This week’s finds include a Google+ comeback, sort of, Docket app which is a grocery list checker but with Tinder UI and a privacy app that scares the likes of Facebook and Twitter.


WhatSignIn is a chrome extension that will remember the login services you used in the past so you don’t have to. Weve all been here before, you create a Medium account with Twitter but forget and then go ahead and create a second Medium account with Facebook. This extension will stop these accidentally created accounts.
The extension works by registering which social authenticator you used to sign up with.


Appscope is a curated directory that let’s you find all the best progressive web apps(PWA) in one place. It contains hundreds of web based apps compatible with all devices. They launch instantly without any app download and you can save them to your home screen.


WOOPSS is a currency converter that converts all world currencies including cryptocurrencies. There’s light and dark modes to play around with. You can also pick your favorite currencies to quickly convert and monitor them.


Alpas is a free team, project and task management platform for scalable and more efficient workflows. There’s a dark mode for night owls too.


Docket is an app that simplifies grocery shopping and comes with Tinder UI. It cuts the need to mindlessly stare at your fridge to see what’s missing and what to buy. The web app suggests products and if you want, you swipe right to put them in your grocery list.
Other similar grocery managememt apps include Remember the Milk, Groceries, Groma, Caramel, Whisk(recently joined Samsung NEXT’s Product team) and Groceries.

Emoji Clipboard

You can all relate to this, caught up in our endless search for the right emoji to reply to. Emoji Clipboard has emojis from thousands of categories from Nostalgia to Harry Potter emojis. Just click to copy the perfect emoji for any situation.

Google+ is back, kind of.

It lives on as Google Currents. It will focus on enterprise by giving employees a platform to share knowledge and discuss things internally.
Google Currents is similar to Google+ and is now the search giant company’s second big enterprise communication tool.
Google Currents will complete with Workplace by Facebook and Yammer by Microsoft and others such as Zoho Connect, Basecamp, Monday, Winio, ActiveCollab, LumApps, Front and Roadmap.

Spend Bill Gates’ Money

This web app let’s you calculate the amount of things you can buy or sell using Bill Gates’ money.


ShareURL let’s you share your accounts with your friends or families without giving out your passwords. The accounts range from Netflix, Facebook, Hulu. In terms of taking care of your privacy, what they do is they store your cookies and set them up for your recipient. The cookies are encrypted and stored and are wiped every two weeks. One thing to note, cookies don’t contain your password.

Drag Pro

Drag Pro transforms Gmail into organized To-do lists just like Trello – draggable Trello boards.


Moosiko is a Rosetta Stone for learning guitar and unkesshing the rockstar in us. They make learning the guitar simple and more accessible for everyone with their step-by-step instructions. Polish your skills from a beginner in just 3 days.


If you’re a globe trotters, this site will come in handy as it shows an interactive world map of places you can travel visa free. Other similar sites include VisaList that let’s you know where you can travel with your passport tension free or Wander 2.0 that shows you travel destinations that fit your budget.

Another interesting website is – it maps the cheapest flight to everywhere given your location.

Mirror for Trello

This let’s you sync Trello Cards across multiple boards in a just a few clicks. Unito’s Mirror Power-Up makes it easier to collaborate across teams. It’s a two way sync meaning that changes made on one board are automatically applied to every board.

Jumbo, a nightmare app for social media giants

Jumbo is a privacy app that could be a big problem for Facebook and Twitter but great for you. Jumbo let’s you clean your personal data across all internet services and social media from one app in a simple and efficient manner.

Another extension to use is Mozilla’s Facebook Container extension that makes it hard for Facebook to track your data.

Space Lens

Space Lens discovers what’s been taking up storage space on your Mac. With the app, you get to build a detailed map of your storage and reveal space hoggers on your Mac


Pock allows you to display the macOS Dock in your Touchbar andwts you enjoy your screen real estate in full size everytime.


Yapa(You Are Perfect Always) is a social network focussed on mental health. No photos, likes or number of followers. You can send and read Yaps. The app is already backed by celebrities including Chris Kirkland and Nadia Essex.


This Kanye West site is a dating app but exclusively for Hip hop fans. You choose tour favorite artists, albums,, write your raps and hit the Ye button and meet someone. Read this guy’s review here.

If you’re interested in all things Kanye and you’re a programmer, get this REST API that generates random Kanye West quotes.

Grammar Fix

The app let’s you understand and avoid some of the most common grammatical mistakes. Try it here.


Are you tired of reliving the same day over and over, this app helps you step out of your comfort zone. Percent helps you start tracking and improving your life by checking in with yourself once a week using cute illustrations.


If you’ve ever dropped your phone in water, this app will eject all the water out of your speakers.

Timeular 2.0

This is an app that helps you get better at time management. You get to track, understand and improve on your workflow.

Discovered: We bring you the best, new and interesting apps, browser extensions or websites from all over the rabbit holes that is the internet.