Expect to See More Facebook Posts from Your Close Friends as News Feed Algorithm Gets Tweaked


Facebook is constantly tweaking its news feed algorithm and from now on expect to see more posts from your close friends that includes baby photos, cat or kitten videos to memes in general rather than from distant acquaintances.

This comes after Facebook conducted surveys as they tried to understand what people are already doing on Facebook and they’ve found out that people like to see posts from family and friends more than news articles and videos from the pages they follow.

Following this, the giant social network announced that they are launching two ranking updates where one will prioritize the friends someone might want to see posts from the most and the other prioritize the links a person might consider most worthwhile.

These updates will combine with other factors the news feed algorithm considers such as how often users interact with a given friend, the number of mutual friends they share, and whether they mark that person as a close friend.

The recent changes come as a result of Facebook’s new shift from a platform where users broadcast posts to large groups of people to a more closed off space akin to your living room where you now share to a smaller circle.

How does this affect Pages?

Pages that share clickbait material will suffer the most. Facebook is onto them and the social network is on a course to eradicate said pages as it tries to increase the overall quality of discourse on its platform.

With these new changes, Facebook hopes you will be coming back to see and interact with more of the posts from your close friends and family and worthwhile content.

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