Kenya National Development Site (NDITC) Defaced By Hackers After IFMIS Intrusion


The National Development Implementation Technical Committee’s (NDITC) online page has been defaced by the same hacker group (allegedly) that just intruded IFMIS website. This makes it the second government-related website to see attacks from online criminals who take advantage of security lapses to toy with sites.

For context: the National Development Implementation Technical Committee was created alongside the National Development Implementation and Communication Cabinet Committer, 8 Regional Development Implementation Coordination Committees, as well as 47 County Development Implementation Coordination Committees.

These groups have one primary goal: deliver and oversee the implementations of the National Government Development Programmes and Projects in Kenya.

Unlike IFMIS website which has seen been relegated to maintenance before service restoration, the current culprit is still displaying the works of a hacker group calling itself Kurd Electronics Team. This is an embarrassing scenario, to say the least, and will land the team behind the development of the sites in trouble.


In the past, and this is entirely theoretical, developers have been known to deface websites they created to protest late or non-payment. While we do not have the details of this hack, it is apparent there is more to it besides showcasing the websites’ vulnerabilities.

We will update the story once we find out more about the hack, but for the moment, we suspect the site will go offline in an effort to push out the intruders.


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