This New Netflix Feature Will Let You Continue to Binge Shows When You’re at Work

Netflix user experience

If you weren’t able to finish binging Dynasty or Black Mirror on Netflix this weekend at home, now you’ll be able to finish them at work once this feature goes live. Netflix is testing a pop-out picture-in-picture feature that will allow you to continue binging your favourite shows while at work – some of you can already relate!!

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This feature is a floating window that will hover over other windows – ideal for multitaskers like me and the rest of us who need to have media playing while they work.

You’ll click a small icon on the screen at the bottom, a new window will appear that you’ll resize. Subtitles are missing from this feature but that’s a small price to pay, am I right?

This feature hasn’t rolled out to other users yet as Netflix hasn’t released officially. This was first reported by Engadget and other users spotted it too.

We’ll update this article once new information is available. It will only be a matter of time before Netflix ships this much needed feature – in a 2017 Netflix survey, the streaming giant found that 37% of respondents binged movies and TV shows while at work.

I will stop using this site that only streams audio of thousands of movies, comedy specials and other shows