Despite U.S. Ban, Huawei is World’s Second Largest Smartphone Vendor

huawei y9 prime 2019

huawei y9 prime 2019

Amid a trade tussle with the Trump administration in Q2, Chinese phone maker and telecoms equipment manufacturer Huawei was world’s number 2 smartphone vendor.

According to market analysists, Huawei successfully grew its sales while it struggled with trade issues with the West. The trade wars, which are centered on trust issues as remarked by Trump, have not been forgiving to the Chinese corporation. Huawei was forced to assure its customers that it had their backs, which included the company reporting it had an Android OS replacement in the pipeline.

Although the company’s overall market declined, Q2 performed admirably. Its phone sales were only second to Samsung and surpassed the number of iPhones sold in the same period.

The quarter saw the number of smartphone shipments drop by 2.6 percent to 341 million units across the globe.

Samsung’s share was 22 percent, followed by Huawei’s 17 percent. Apple closed the top three slots with 11 percent. The three corporations command half the smartphone market share in the world.

This should come as a surprise because Huawei has done an outstanding job in its home ground. It has also expanded its turf in Asian countries to compensate for its absence in lucrative markets such as the U.S.

However, and according to VOA and market experts, the long terms effects of the ban, which has since been softly lifted, will be more pronounced in the coming months.

Also, Huawei is said to be doubling down in its strong markets to offset sale declines in markets affiliated to the U.S.