Three Things That Have Stayed Completely Relevant Thanks To Technology

smart watch

Technology has transformed our lives. It continues to do so and as it advances, it generally leaves a trail of now useless items as it completely regenerates flailing industries.

Newspapers have all moved online, struggling to sell in the shops of today. Hollywood is only just keeping apace with the likes of Netflix and the high street is almost dead with customers preferring to do their spending online.

However, there are a number of products and industries which have transformed and stayed completely relevant thanks to technology.

Below you’ll find some of the things we still love to the day which would likely have fallen by the wayside if it wasn’t for tech…


The number of people who wear a wristwatch has decreased dramatically down the years and if it wasn’t for wearable tech the number would be minuscule.

The sales of smartwatches jumped 41% globally in 2018 with users now expecting much more from a watch on top of telling the time.

The vast majority of people, mostly millennials, now check the time via their smartphones, although more are now starting to adopt wearable tech, and sales are expected to continue rise.

The Apple Watch and other models have really taken watchmaking in a different direction, essentially operating as a smartphone, payment device and sports performance monitor from your wrist.

That’s allowed the humble watch to remain as relevant today as they have been for generations.

Slot Machines

Many people will think of slot machines as rather tired and dated things sat in the corner of a bar. Aside from in Las Vegas, offline they’re no way near as popular as they once were. However, online they’ve become big business.

Sites such as collate a huge number of online slots from across the globe and welcome thousands of punters to play slots.

The growth and relevance of slot sites only going to continue as online casino expands in the USA and the continuing progression of technology is allowing software companies to make them more and more exciting with new features ranging from bonus games to virtual reality opinions!

Over the next five years the value of online gambling is predicted to almost double to a breathtaking $94billion. It’s a far cry from the one armed bandit sat in a bar corner!


Bingo is another game that doesn’t necessarily have much street cred offline, with many bingo halls in fact closing down. Online though it’s a different story.

Bingo continues to thrive and is expanding by the day with a range of sites. That’s rubbing off offline, and new edgier games of bingo are touring the nation, such as Bongo’s Bingo in the UK.

The game has moved away from its traditions, with technology able to modernise the game and take it to a whole new audience.


Radio has seen a large drop in numbers down the years, but it is seeing a resurgence in the form of podcasts and catch-up services.

With Spotify and Apple Music having a stronghold on what many people listen to, radio stations have had to adapt to stay relevant and over the last couple of years podcasts have seen a huge boom, with many essentially operating as a catch up service as you’d find on the likes of BBC iPlayer.

You can download them and listen on the go, making radio shows more relevant to users and easier to listen to than ever before.