Discovered: New Websites, Apps and Extensions for This Week


The internet can be a very interesting place if you know where to look at. Discovered will do the digging and bring you the best, new and interesting apps, browser extensions or websites so you don’t have to. Some of this week’s finds will be productive tools and others genuinely interesting and will be fun to try out or waste your afternoon scrolling through what they offer.

But first, did you know August is the official cat month and here are some fun cat-related extensions:

  • Install catcatcatcaaaaaaaaaaaaat on your colleague’s computer to simulate the experience of living with cats.
  • Download Meowly, an app that is dedicated to cats with a lot of cat features such as cat meow sounds, discover and share popular cat gifs, beautiful cat wallpapers, a cat breed identifier and names list for cats.
  • Check out This Cat Does Not Exist, a website of computer-generated cats and you just refresh the site to get a new one or Cat Purr Generator. This Cat Does Not Exist also powers Cats Slideshow. To digress from cat content, check out These Lyrics Do Not Exist.
  • If you have a cat this site will come in handy if your doubt what human food your pet can eat and want to be really sure.
  • If you’re a cat person, you’ll love this chrome extension and firefox addon that tells you how awesome you are each time you open a new tab.
  • Kittify makes your emails, tweets, comments and text into cat puns. Download the browser extension here.
  • Game for Cats is the world’s greatest video game for cats for both iOS and Android

No back to our regular programming


Gro is a free and simple online tool that helps you validate your business idea. This platform comes in handy for early-stage entrepreneurs to solidify their business concepts.


There has been an exponential rise in podcasts available for streaming and offline listening and Glow wants to help you monetize your podcasts. It offers a simple and seamless payment system that works with almost every podcast app.


If you’re a student, then Studyr is the app to have. It comes with complete enrollment management with terms, courses, homework and gradings. You have the option to share with Google Calendar or any other third-party calendar apps. It is only available for iOS.


WingNotes is another productivity tool for students for taking study notes. It helps keep notes organized and readable using referential notes feature that students will love.

Checklist for iMessage

Checklist allows you to collaborate on a shared todo such as chore list or a grocery list or any other checklist. You simply create lists and share them on iMessage and start ticking items off them off together.

This would work well with WhatsApp but too bad it doesn’t allow third-party apps.


This is like a truth or dare game but right on Instagram Stories with your friends. You simply choose a task and record a video using ChallengeMe and post on Stories. You can then mention your friend and tell them to complete the task.


If you’re looking for a book to read, TopTrendBooks curates trending books on Reddit with different categories.


Summarize lets you remember the books you read through organized notes. It provides a single place to write out your thoughts and insights for your entire library so that when you are asked about the last book you read, you’ll have an intelligent answer.

Daily Chinese

Daily Chinese is a simple app that lets you grow and keep track of your Chinese vocabulary. It comes with a spaced-repetition system that gradually introduces new words each day and thus you never forget the words you already know. It is available for iOS and Android.


No., not the food. Pasta is a clipboard time machine as it saves everything you copy to your clipboard so you can paste it later. The app will come in handy for designers, coders and anyone else who is into productivity a sit displays graphics, unchanged text styles, filter clippings by app or type, sorts into collections among other features. Check it out here.

Other similar tools include CloudApp 3.0 and Cliptomatic.


RevealURL is a handy tool to check any short URLs before clicking on them as some might be malicious ones. You can use the website or the Chrome extension that shows you the full link when you hover over a shortened URL.


Telescope offers a minimal, beautiful and stylish publishing platform. You get a beautiful and minimal text editor, nice-looking content pages, a couple of cool content distribution mechanisms plus it doesn’t ask for your personal details.

Developed by Alexander, Telescope’s mantra is that any content should belong to creators, any page should only contain the content itself and not scripts, banners or tracking mechanisms and that everything should be fast.

Try it out here.


Carry is an executive assistant for travel over Slack. Carry plans, books and expenses trips so that you can focus on the important things. You get points and the service remembers your preferences.

Icebreaker from Range

Icebreaker is a free collection of over 200 icebreaker questions to lighten up a gathering or a meeting. It has different levels of difficulty to make it more fun.


The dark mode wave isn’t stopping anytime soon and if your website doesn’t have this feature, Blackout wants to help. Blackout is a free WordPress plugin that implements a dark mode widget into your website. This allows users to toggle it on or off with a single click. There’s an easy to use settings page that lets you customise the widget without coding.

Check it out here or on Github too.

Other dark mode tools to use include: Darker Medium for Chrome and Firefox Mozilla, Darkness for Google, Facebook and more, Night Owl for Mac, F.lux, Dark Reader, Darkness v2 for Chrome and Mozilla and Night Mode for Instagram.

Uber Web

Uber recently redesigned the web booking flow(PWA) for its web platform including mobile ( Uber redesigned the desktop app, optimized for new riders on web and moved to Fusion.js to for an easier and faster experience.


Fridai is voice assistant built for gamers by gamers. It features voice-access to transform the gaming experience and make it frictionless as possible.

Read about it here.

Climate 365

Climate 365 automatically emails representatives of the most harmful organizations in the top 365 top polluted cities across the globe.


Worklog is a Chrome and Firefox extension comes handy to people who primarily work on their browsers as it tracks your tasks with your favourite time tracker. It automatically synchronizes your work logs between different time trackers.


Are you applying for a job? CoverLetterEmails is a bot that will help you write the perfect cover letter. It does this by walking you through some common questions about the company, the job and yourself and then generates a random cover letter for you which is a template to help you write an actual cover letter you can send.

Block Website Notification Requests

Websites are now annoying users with requests to “Allow” them to send notifications and this extension automatically block all requests for you.

Cite the Funky Bunch

Here’s how to make research more fun. This extension swaps out “et al.” with “and the funky bunch”


This is an intelligent calendar assistant that frees up your time so you can focus on the important. It uses AI to create uninterrupted blocks of time, enhances Slack, takes the stress out of complex scheduling, resolves double bookings and other features.

Try it out here.

Email Taco

Email Taco is a free email countdown timer that creates urgency in the email before an offer expires.


This is an interesting concept from T-shirt brand NOFAME. The rules are strange as you get a T-shirt with a random person on it and another random person gets a T-shirt with you on it thus the T-shirts are as unique.

Local Tweet Time

Local Twitter Time is a must-have extension for Twitter power users as it shows the local time a tweet was posted and gives more context to your Twitter timeline.

Account Surfer

Account Surfer allows you to switch between accounts and browsers. It lets you decide what account or browser to use when opening certain links in different profiles.

Other interesting and similar tools include Shift and Mailplane for Gmail, Twitcher and MTA for Twitter(Chrome extension).


Airmadic is made for digital nomads to find cheap flights without the hassle. Try it out here.

Trello Bookmark

This extension lets you easily add cards to the Trello board of your choice from the browser.

Creep Alert

Creep Alert lets you check if your friends or colleagues are tracking you via email. It blocks attempts at tracking you as it has a one-click button that inserts a polite “do not track me” response to the sender.