Huawei Reportedly Building its Own Moto Mod-Style Cases


huawei android qIt looks like even with the ongoing trade war between the US and China that Huawei has been caught in the middle, the Chinese tech giant isn’t stopping with new hardware announcements.

The company recently announced Harmony OS, their in-house operating along EMUI 10 which is based on the yet to be publicly released Android 10. They also announced Map Kit, a Google Maps alternative and is now reportedly working on their own versions of the Motorola Mods.

There was a lot of hype when modular phones made headlines especially when the Moto Z was launched in late 2016 that came together with the “Moto Mods” ecosystem. The mods are case accessories that magnetically attach to the phone to provide additional functionality such as a gamepad, projector and standalone cameras.

Recent Bluetooth SIG Filing now shows that Huawei is building in-house cases. Unlike Moto mods, Huawei’s cases will connect via Bluetooth according to the listing that has a couple of Bluetooth-enabled “smart device” cases.

In the listing, you can see game, health, snorkelling(waterproof housing + camera case) and amplification cases that come with other useful features such as heart rate and glucose monitor, weight scale intergration, blood pressure and thermometer support.

It is yet to be known which devices will be getting these cases but probably future Huawei/Honor devices.

If the mods are forward-compatible, they could be used even after getting a new Huawei or Honor device.

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