OPPO To Introduce Reno Ace with 65W Fast Charging in October


OPPO spun the flagship Reno line to theoretically take over from the Find series, which was updated last in 2018 with the crazy and expensive Find X. Reno handhelds, which include the Reno 10x Zoom that we reviewed a few days ago, are excellent devices. While the ordinary one, which lacks the periscope lens is not available locally, we are happy that OPPO made an attempt to sell the high-end model here.

Towards the end of August, OPPO released three versions of the Reno2 series to succeed what the devices had brought to the market. As a recap, the S855 model, as well as the rest of the members have a shark-fine selfie pop-up camera that is unique and interesting, to say the least. The second generation of the Reno, however, lacked a high-powered successor for the Reno 10X Zoom, but we assumed that development was for a good reason: the former is new in many markets, and releasing an update will make some early adopters angry.

The market is also not quite ready for a new device from OPPO, considering this is the period when key players announce their pocket computers. The new iPhones are here, and usually, it takes a couple of weeks before people stop talking about them. iPhones being iPhones receive preferential treatment from users and the media, probably because Apple is very good at marketing, so there is that.

Samsung also released a renewed Galaxy Fold. Huawei, which is battling a ban case with U.S.’s Department of Commerce had an exciting September too with a series of announcements at IFA 2019 – and it is not done because the Mate 30 series will hit the headlines next week.

What I’m trying to say is that the media is saturated with leaks and announcements, hence companies push their releases to a later date when they can capture their customers’ attention.

Well, OPPO will release the flagship member of the Reno2 series on October 10. That is the same month that Google makes official its Pixel 4 phones (although there is nothing new about them so far having been leaked right, left and centre – and we do not care them as much because they are meant for North Americans).

Named the Reno Ace, the device will reportedly support 65W charging, surpassing the current limit at 50W, also called SuperVOOC. We do not know what OPPO will call the proprietary charging solution, but the numbers should tell you it will be plenty quick.

The Ace will be powered by a S855 Plus, a large battery, and interestingly, a 90 Hz display.

We will see if the rumours hold when the day comes.

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