The Case for Watching Podcasts on YouTube


I listen to a lot of podcasts. I watch a lot of YouTube videos. So when my favourite YouTubers started hosting podcasts on the giant video sharing platform, I couldn’t be more excited. I am not alone. In a recent survey done by the University of Florida and Futuri Media found that YouTube was the number one destination for podcast consumption.

According to another recent survey, 43% of Canadian adults go to YouTube looking for podcasts. That’s a significant number especially if put against Apple Podcasts and Spotify which both attract 34% and 23% respectively. The podcasts are available in other podcast apps but YouTube ranks first.

When Casey Neistat attempted to start podcasting on YouTube where he interviewed Robert Kinsel who was head of business at YouTube, there had never been a big sit down on a big YouTube channel before and people thought it was crazy and out of place.

YouTube has been known to be the platform for posting or watching cool tricks and cat videos but the proliferation we’ve seen of podcasts and them going mainstream as more creators jump on this trend.

There are already podcasts by YouTubers drawing a lot of numbers such as the Joe Rogan Experience. Most of these podcasts bring in guests and have interesting sit-downs and are palatable to watch.

In a recent sitdown with the chart-topping rock band Black Keys(Gold On The Ceiling), Patrick Carney told Joe that he’s become his late-night television.

Most of my favourite creators are even launching separate channels such as Views from David Dobrik. These sitdowns feel more intimate at least for me.

Another one of my favourites is Unfiltered from Heath Hussar and Zane Hijazi.

Philly Defranco also has another separate channel, A Conversation With where he interviews other creators such as Liza, Casey and Jennelle Eliana, a YouTuber who got over a million subscribers with 2 videos in three weeks.

Logan Paul has Impaulsive which I have come to love

The other podcasts I watch on YouTube include Flagrant from stand-up comedian Andrew Shulz

Andrew also hosts Brilliant Idiots, another podcast with Charlamagne

Another interesting podcast that’s fun to watch is No Jumper

Podcasts on YouTube are going to the next big thing and creators who leverage this platform are set to grow very fast in terms of new audiences and even revenue.

As someone who watches a lot of vlogs, prank videos and stand-up comedy, it’s more relaxed to watch these creators chill and have lengthy and mature sitdowns.

What podcasts do you watch on YouTube? Let me know in the comments or @ me on Twitter.

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