YouTube Is The Best Platform To Consume Podcasts


I listen to a lot of podcasts. I watch a lot of YouTube videos. So when my favourite YouTubers started hosting podcasts on the giant video sharing platform, I couldn’t be more excited.

I am not alone. A recent survey done by the University of Florida and Futuri Media found that YouTube was the number one destination for podcast consumption.

YouTube has been known to be the platform for posting or watching cool pranks and cat videos but the proliferation we’ve seen of podcasts and them going mainstream as more creators jump on this trend.

Most of my favourite YouTubers now have podcasts that are much longer than their regular vlogs. Most of them bring in guests and have interesting sit-downs and are palatable to watch.

These podcasts are available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud and other platforms.

My entry into YouTube podcasts was David Dobrik’s Views Podcast.

The Views podcast is pretty chill when compared to the vlogs that are random clips in a 4:20 time limit. He even considered quitting doing vlogs to focus on the podcast and his other ventures.

He hosts members of the vlog squad and other internet celebrities like Madison Beer, Charli D’Amelio, Jack Gilinsky, Cindy Kimberly and Diplo.

Other vlog members also have their own podcasts on YouTube including Zane and Heath’s Unfiltered, Matt King’s Hoot & a Half, Jeff Witte’s Jeff FM podcast.

Apart from my obsession with the Vlog Squad, I quite enjoy other podcasts on YouTube including Logan Paul’s Impaulsive.

You should go watch the episode in which he hosts the Island Boys.

Trisha Paytas also has a podcast on YouTube.

Other interesting podcasts on Youtube I frequently watch include:

I’ve also started to enjoy watching Kenyan podcasts on YouTube which I’ll list below to diversify your podcast content:

Podcasts on YouTube are going to be the next big thing and creators who leverage this platform are set to grow very fast in terms of new audiences and even revenue.

As someone who watches a lot of vlogs, prank videos and stand-up comedy, it’s more relaxed to watch these creators chill and have lengthy and mature sitdowns.

These Kenyan Podcasts Are Worth Checking Out

What podcasts do you watch on YouTube?

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  1. I am disappointed at how clickbaity this article ended up being.

    As for the topic at hand, I don’t think YouTube is a suitable platform for consuming podcasts in the way Spotify or Apple Podcasts is. In my opinion, audio format is better for podcasts and YouTube categorisation and recommendation system isn’t as good as the existing competition.

    • Traditionally podcasts should be in audio form… though I have observed that Kenyans are not so big on streaming audio content

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