Twitter Global Outage is Still On


Twitter is used widely by a lot of people. It is a mouthpiece for people who want to pass information and misinformation, a leisure activity for most Kenyans and the newest platform for people to share their self-portraits because Instagram does not fetch them enough likes nowadays. These groups, among others that use it as their trusted source of information, has noted that Twitter has been having issues, which have not been resolved for a couple of hours now.

According to Twitter support, the issues are linked to an outage that has also affected TweetDeck. Users have reported trouble sending tweets, receiving notifications, or viewing Direct Messages.

Others cannot reply to tweets, send retweets, or like good content. Some users have also reported issues with images and video embedded in tweets.

As of this writing, the problems are still here.

Also, those who know how the platform works report that Twitter’s APIs exploded in the last couple of hours, which brought TweetDeck to its knees.

Furthermore, it appears that the outage is global and not regional.

Of course, engineers at the platform are working hard to bring services back, although we are not sure how long that is going to take.

For the moment, just scroll through the feed and interact with older content.