Facebook Standalone “Threads” App is For Connecting With Your Instagram Clique

instagram threads

Instagram is no stranger to having standalone apps that integrate with it. There is Boomerang, Layout and IGTV. There is a new one and it is quite interesting.

The mothership announced a new app, Threads for Instagram. Facebook touts this app as a camera centric app that lets you stay connected to your close friends. It seems like Facebook made an app for connecting to your ‘clique’.

Last year, they announced the Close Friends feature which allowed you to restrict your Stories content to a few people. Threads looks to improve on this.

You can use Threads to message people on your close friends list and you’ll have a dedicated inbox and notifications just for them. You can also share photos and videos on Threads to your close friends.

Threads has a feature called Status which can be either an Auto Status (that automatically shares context on where you are without revealing coordinates) or a suggested status or you can create your own.

Threads will also feature Instagram Direct where messages from your close friends will appear on both Threads and Direct.

This product feels like Facebook has created an Instagram app for your close friends. Instagram started out as a photo centric app that added video features, Stories, expanded Explore and ads on the feed and Stories. Threads feels like a toned version of Instagram that is squarely focused on you sharing content with your friends

The app has already been rolled out globally so you can check it out from your App Stores.