Safaricom Home Fibre App Adds SecureNet and Notification Alerts

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Safaricom Home Fiber has grown to become an important home fiber provider for many Kenyans out there.

Last year, Safaricom introduced the Safaricom Home App that allows you to manage your home fiber account. It is pretty nifty since it allows you to change your home fiber plan or pay for the subscription easily. I use it all the time to manage my subscription and it is way more intuitive than using USSD codes, which is used as a backup plan.

safaricom home update
New vs Old Safaricom Home app

The company has now updated their Safaricom Home App to include the ability to either upgrade or downgrade their current package by adding or removing Secure Net in their current package.

If you are not aware, back in July, Safaricom introduced a parental control tool to their home fiber product. This security feature, which they dubbed ‘Secure Net’ allowed you to set security controls like parental controls, anti-phishing filter and antivirus. This is a feature that they charge Kshs 200 a month for after your trial period ends.

The app now shows you whether you have SecureNet enabled under the ‘service plan’ option. In my case, it is labelled as ‘inactive’ since I don’t use the feature.

The other feature that Safaricom has added is notifications. You will now be able to receive notifications in the Safaricom Home app like your subscription status. Notifications can be accessed by the new ‘bell’ icon that is highlighted with the red marker.

This new update has been pushed to the Android and iOS apps of the Safaricom Home app so update