Facebook’s Official Active User Base in Kenya Revealed Thanks to Kenyan Artist

Almost 10 million!

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Facebook has a huge audience globally. Over 2.7 billion users use the social network globally and you can be sure that they track that number quite well.

I’ve had a suspicion that they track their monthly and daily active user base per country and this was confirmed thanks to a Kenyan artist.

Juliani, a popular Kenyan artist was in New York a while back and he had visited Facebook’s Manhattan office. Well, he recently posted this tweet which is a video showing a live count of Facebook’s monthly and daily active user bases of countries all over the world.

Since he is Kenyan, he decided to check out the statistics for Kenya and. Well according to Facebook’s live count board, Kenya has 9.9 million active users and 4.7 million daily active users.

This is the first time we get to have such details about a country, since normally Facebook doesn’t reveal these details. In their investor briefings, they tend to show the monthly active user and daily active user counts as a total plus their delta changes.

This reveal also validates BAKE’s State of the Internet report. Their 2017 report estimated Kenya to have 7.1 million Facebook users, which seems believable now.

This means that with a population of around 50 million, approximately 1 in 5 people in Kenya use Facebook actively every month. However, from the video, we didn’t get to know whether you could see stats from their other apps like WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook Messenger. WhatsApp stats per country would prove to be interesting since it is an incredibly popular messaging app in Kenya.

The video also revealed the number of Facebook active users in other African countries. Nigeria could be Africa’s biggest market with 33 million monthly active users and 16 million daily active users as per the video. South Africa’s stats were also shared with over 28 million monthly active users and 16 million daily active users.