[UPDATE: It’s back.] WhatsApp For Android Mysteriously Vanishes From the PlayStore


whatsapp developing 'boomerangs'

WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps on the PlayStore and it is used by billions of people worldwide. This is why this next bit of news is weird.

WhatsApp for Android has mysteriously vanished from the PlayStore. This is weird since it is one of the main ways for people to install the popular messenger to their phones. However, for some reason, it is accessible via this link.

At the moment, we have no reason as to why this has happened. It could be either Google removed the app, or WhatsApp removed the app for some reason.

Interesting enough, WhatsApp’s other apps, WhatsApp for Business sand WhatsApp Wallpaper are live on the PlayStore.

Luckily, you can still install WhatsApp for Android outside the Google Play Store through such repositories like APK Mirror or the official WhatsApp website.

We will update you when we get confirmation of this development.

UPDATE: The app is back.

Speaking to The Next Web, a WhatsApp spokesperson said the app is back on the Play Store but didn’t specify why it was unavailable for a better part of today morning.