Kenya ICT Ministry Concludes Review of The National ICT Policy


The National ICT Policy was proposed a few years ago. The policy was first presented to ICT CS Joe Mucheru in 2016 and featured key inclusions such as the need to review the National ICT Sector Policy, as well as the review of the National Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Sector Policy Guidelines of 2006. After the ICT wishlist was presented to the CS, the Ministry requested the public and friends of the industry to submit their comments and input for further edits.

A few months later, we examined how various sectors would benefit from the proposal. The lengthy review was detailed here, and as a recap, the framework provides substantial support for innovators and content creators. It also intends to push for research and development practices related to ICT, as well as facilitate Public-Private Partnerships that will see active e-learning initiatives. You can find out more about its net effect for local manufacturers, gamers, researchers and the animation industry, to mention a few, in the linked post above.

To this end, it should be noted that the ICT Ministry has completed the review of the aforementioned 2006 National ICT Policy. According to the Communications Authority of Kenya, the policy is motivated by the need to streamline and match it with the 2010 Constitution and Vision 2030.

The revised policy is currently going through the last stages, as well as the process of approval by the Government.

“Once enacted, the revised Policy will provide a clear and compelling vision to drive social, economic, cultural and political transformation through the effective use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in the years ahead,” said Ms. Julia Yampan who delivered a speech on CS Mucheru’s behalf.


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