Twitter Thinks Emojis Will Help Promote Healthier Conversations on the Platform


TwitterTwitter is rethinking how people interact on its platform in a bid to fight harassment that goes on the social media giant. The company recently announced anti-harassment features it is exploring that may or may not launch next year. They are also experimenting on new features that they hope will promote healthier conversations on the platform but more on that below.

Some of the anti-harassment features include allowing you to disable retweets on your tweet, preventing random users from mentioning your handle and also removing yourself if you have been tagged.

Twitter will now start experimenting by tweaking the functionalities of features like the retweet, quote-retweet and reply hoping that people will use them differently and more constructively.

Twitter will add an emoji to a retweet to give people a chance to quote-tweet without going into the compose field.

Senior directors of product management at Twitter, David Gasca and Suzanne Xie hope that this new feature will make people stop dunking on tweets.

If you like a tweet, you could use the heart-eyes emoji and if you don’t, you choose a red circle with a line through it.

Going with the latter, you will be prompted by Twitter which will ask, “Why do you disagree?” To which Twitter thinks will have the user think hard and post a more courteous reply.

“Everything on our platform incentivizes some form of behaviour – if we modify how people can do retweets, or how people can reply, or how people can engage, how does that change conversation on the platform?” David Gasca said in a Buzzfeed interview.

This idea didn’t bode well with people on Twitter with most of them suggesting Twitter focus on the real issues as emojis are only a band-aid

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