2020 iPhone Expectations and Rumors

iPhone 11 Pro

The next iteration of the iPhone is likely to come out in September 2020.

According to SportsBettingDime.com, the next edition of Apple’s smartphone is going to have some interesting new features and tweaks compared to the iPhone 11, which was released in Sep. 2019.

What Will It Be Called?

Apple-lovers were somewhat taken aback when the tenth edition of the iPhone was dubbed “iPhone X” instead of “iPhone 10.” Whether due to criticism or commonsense, Apple went back to numbers for the “iPhone 11” this year and will almost certainly call the 2020 release the “iPhone 12.” SBD’s odds say there is an 89% chance of that happening.

What About Actual Features?

While a small portion of the general public cares about what their phone is called, a much broader swath care about what it can do. On that front, there is good news for Apple users. The iPhone 12 – let’s just go ahead and call it that – is pretty much guaranteed to be 5G compatible.

It’s likely that all of Apple’s major competitors will be 5G compatible next year. Samsung already has a host of 5G phones on the market, as do Huawei and ZTE, according to TomsGuide.com. If Apple doesn’t follow suit in 2020, they will be seen as a dinosaur, and that’s not something one of the largest tech companies in the world can ever afford to be seen as, even for a short period of time.

For those mainly concerned with high-quality cinematography and/or endless selfies, there’s more good news. The odds say there is an 80% chance that the iPhone 12 has a 3D camera!

Watching your 3D videos on your phone will also be a more enjoyable experience thanks to a larger model. The biggest 2019 iPhone was the iPhone 11 Pro Max with a 6.5-inch screen. The iPhone 12 Pro Max (assuming that’s what the biggest 2020 model will be called) is likely to be at least 6.7 inches.

The Notch Is Not Long For This World

There’s a good chance that all 6.7 inches of the screen will be usable, as well. Currently, the “notch” which allows for a front-facing selfie cam, occupies part of the screen. But there’s a decent chance that at least one 2020 iPhone option is notch-less.

It would make some sense for the biggest option to have no notch (or a very small one), since customers who want large screens clearly value every square millimeter.

OLED Screens Are Coming

CultOfMac.com has reported that Apple “plans [a] complete switch to OLED iPhone displays in 2020.” The more-expensive 2019 models already have OLED. In 2020, all models will upgrade from LCD to OLED.

What’s the difference? A lot.

OLED screens have “more vibrant colors, increased contrast, and greater color accuracy. What’s more, OLED pixels are individually lit, and do not require a dedicated backlight like LCD screens,” writes Killian Bell.

While it’s possible that some of these features will be included in an early 2020 iPhone release, the full slate is being discussed for the major 2020 offering, which, looking ahead at the calendar, is going to be around Sep. 8, 2020.

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