Standard Chartered Launches Visa Infinite Credit Card for Kenya’s Wealthiest People

Visa Kenya Country Manager Victor Ndlovu (left) and Standard Chartered B...
Visa Kenya Country Manager Victor Ndlovu (left)

Visa Kenya Country Manager Victor Ndlovu (left) and Standard Chartered B...The highest-tier visa credit card named Visa Infinite is in Kenya courtesy of Standard Chartered Bank. The card, which complements other highly-prized cards such as Visa Signature, has been launched in the country as a prestigious product for the wealthy.

Visa Infinite is, essentially, a credit card that has been dedicated to the most premium use cases. There are few Visa Infinite cards that exist in select markets, which Kenya is now part of. It obviously targets affluent members of the society based on its benefits including best-in-class privileges.

Those who will pick the card with have access to global airport lounges in excess of 900 and one free guest per visit (the card also serves as the key to those space). These high-value people are the kind that plays bougie games such as golf, so they will get access to a single round at Karen Country Golf Club every other month.

Standard Chartered Bank says customers will also earn points as they swipe. Accumulated points can be redeemed at a retail store, both locally or abroad.

Additional perks include travel insurance (up to USD 2.5 million) and 5 percent cash back on fuel and dinners of up to KES 1000 in a month.

“We are constantly working towards bringing to our clients the highest quality of services available on the global market. The launch of the Visa Infinite credit card shows our bank’s commitment to bringing payment solutions that meet and exceed the expectations of our ever-expanding clientele. As a leading issuer of credit cards in Kenya, we continually look at ways of becoming more customer-centric,” said Mr. Kariuki Ngari, CEO, Standard Chartered Bank.