Twitter Launches Twitter Retweets to Showcase the Best Tweets on Its Platform

Twitter Retweets account

Twitter Retweets account

Twitter is trying to be more fun as it launched Twitter Retweets, the latest account from the platform that aims to highlight the best tweets by retweeting them.

“Your best Tweets. Retweeted.” reads the profile on the Twitter account.

The company began an ad campaign in which they featured “Me on Twitter” tweets in a bid to make the platform look quirky and paint a good picture, unlike the bad things that happen on the platform such as racism and harassment.

During this campaign, Twitter unfollowed everyone including its CEO and stuck to following the people whose tweets got featured.

The said tweets were showcased in various San Francisco Muni and New York subway stations.

Twitter even got on Instagram to mock the Facebook-owned platform by using screenshots of tweets to troll it.

Twitter launching Twitter Retweets is a continuation of that and will be retweeting the best and viral tweets. The account which was created in November now has almost 6,500 followers.

Here are some of the retweets from the account.