Do You Get Monetary Compensation if Twitter Plasters Your Witty Post on a Billboard?


Featured in my app list is Twitter, a social media app that needs no introduction. Twitter has been lauded for its rigid nature (you cannot edit tweets, probably will never happen), and has attracted controversy in equal measure, which is not surprisingly new, if not downright deserved.

Lately, Twitter has been carrying out a campaign where it can broadcast a user’s post to the outside world. The marketing trend, which is currently being carried out in the United States has struck the curiosity of many users, some of who want to know if the social media giant can compensate them for using their messages on billboards and similar channels.

So far, it has been reported that Twitter has plastered such material using tweets from more than 100 users. It is worth noting that these people are not your usual celebrity figures or popular influencers. Instead, they are messages from normal users like you and I and have mostly been seen subways in the USA besides select billboards.

It has also emerged that the campaign is not done prior to consulting account holders. They are notified by Twitter, which basically informs them that their witty lines have been used for promotional purposes. Some users report that they did not object or get upset from the correspondence.

Now, to the interesting part. We mostly do not read T&C and license agreements of products. Those who do, however, are aware that they can reject such requests as it has been the case with some users. The agreement states that Twitter has the right to broadcast or display tweets during campaigns. T&C further clarifies that your content is still yours, but the moment you use its platform to publicize it, then you have basically given the company permission to use it across the world. And you will not be compensated (no monetary value is attached). These are the details you should read to know what Twitter can and cannot do for you.

The good thing is Twitter will reach out because it will be creepy or strange if it did not.

What’s more, Twitter also sends a message to those whose tweets have been used and tags an image alongside the message. Users have also been sent a ‘care package,’ which includes T-shirts, stickers, water bottles and a printout of the used tweet. The printout is framed so you can hang it on your wall for good measure. Is the gesture equal to monetary compensation?