Airtel Announces Out of Bundle Rates, Revamps Amazing Data Bundles

This is a smart way of having a no expiry option without having non expiry bundles

Airtel Kenya

Airtel Africa

Airtel Kenya has today launched out of bundle rates, which comes after Safaricom launched a similar product some time ago. These have a new tagline which is #BeSurewithAirtel

In the previous system, Airtel charged Kshs 4.3 per MB for out of bundle rates which meant that using 5MB of data cost you Kshs 21.50 or if you used 50MB, that would cost Kshs 215!

In the new system, that same 5MB of data will only cost you 1 KES while 50MB of data will only cost you 10 KES.  They will also charge Kshs 2 per minute for calls. All you have to do is dial *544*2# according to Airtel.

This is a great move for the over 12 million Airtel customers who will get out of bundle data at cheaper rates.

This is a very smart move by Airtel to have ‘no expiry bundles’ without necessarily having no expiry bundles. By substantially lowering the price of out of bundle rates, Airtel customers can estimate how much their airtime would last them when they are online.

Revamped Amazing data bundles

Airtel is also revamping their Amazing Data Bundles. The company is now giving more data bundles for the same price. The Amazing Data bundles have an expiry period just like before, but now Airtel has decided to double the data offerings in some cases

Here are the new prices.

  • 2GB for 99 daily
  • Amazing 10 – 70MB (1 day)
  • Amazing 20 – 200MB (1 day)
  • Amazing 50 – 500 MB (1 day)
  • Amazing 50 – 350 MB (7 days)
  • Amazing 100 – 750MB (7 days)
  • Amazing 300 – 3GB (30 days)
  • Amazing 500 –  5GB (30 days)
  • Amazing 1000 – 12GB (30 days)
  • Amazing 1500 – 20GB (30 days)
  • Amazing 2000 – 30GB (30 days)
  • Amazing 3000 – 50GB (30 days)
  • Amazing 3000 – 25 GB (3 months)
  • Amazing 6000 – 55GB (3 months)
  • Amazing 9000 – 90GB (3 months)

Below are the old Amazing Bundle rates.

  • 2GB for 99 daily
  • Amazing 10 – 40MB (Daily)
  • Amazing 20 – 100 MB (Daily)
  • Amazing 50 – 400 MB (Daily)
  • Amazing 50 – 200 MB (Weekly)
  • Amazing 100 – 500MB (Weekly)
  • Amazing 250 – 2GB (Weekly)
  • Amazing 500 – 6GB (Weekly)
  • Amazing 300 – 1.5GB (monthly)
  • Amazing 500 – 4GB (monthly)
  • Amazing 1000 – 10GB (monthly)
  • Amazing 1500 – 15GB (monthly)
  • Amazing 2000 – 25GB (monthly)
  • Amazing 3000 – 40GB (monthly)

With the new Amazing Bundle rates, Airtel is giving as much as double the amount of data in some bundles for the same price. This is great news for Airtel customers that regularly buy these bundles and they will be happy to get as much as 100% more data for the same price.

Airtel is also bundling free WhatsApp with a select number of bundles. This include the Amazing 20, 50, 100, 250, 300, 500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000 and the daily 2GB for 99 bundle. The 3 month bundle and the Amazing 10MB bundle lack the Free WhatsApp bundle. The Free WhatsApp bundle is capped at 50MB.


We’ve made changes to the article that explains further the new out of bundle plans that Airtel introduced yesterday.


  1. This information is not correct. Airtel doesn’t have the No Expiry bundles. They don’t exist. All we have are the revamped bundles.

  2. Comment:What’s the different between Airtel Kenya and Airtel Uganda.
    Why can’t the same favour apply in Uganda?
    Corruption or ?

    • You do realise that Ugandan shillings have less value than Kenyan shillings, right?
      1ksh is equal to 30 ush
      So whatever prices you are seeing here, multiply that with 30 to see what it would cost you in Uganda.
      I am sure your data bundle prices in Uganda are much much cheaper than in Kenya.
      Airtel is still stealing from Kenyans

  3. They made people who use the cheaper data bundles happy and annoyed the ones who use a bit more.
    Guys who use 10bob or 20bob per day are rejoicing.
    Guys who survived on Unliminet modem for 50 a day or 250 a week are annoyed. That bundle has been scrapped off entirely and has been replaced with a newer bundle that is more expensive than Telkom and possibly Safaricom’s Blaze. They did all that without informing Kenyans so Kenyans wasted a lot of money renewing their bundles only to find out that it was revised.
    That’s why #airtelistrash is trending on Twitter with 8000 tweets currently.

    Mark you, Unliminet modem gave you unlimited social media, and all google services(youtube, playstore, maps, drive) once the data allocated was exhausted.

  4. That’s so true I usually used the unliminet modem for 50 this one week feeling like am living in hell someone tell me about the offers Telkom has for the data bundles

  5. Airtel unliminet weekly data is gone ..its time to aay goodbye ….let move for telkom it wil be abetter place for us

  6. With Airtel removing the unliminet modem they are doomed. Its time to say goodbye to this business as it was the only thing which kept them going

  7. Airtel scrapped off unliminet modem that used to offer free social media including Gmail and instagram. That’s the information we should be seeing on this post. Why write a whole article while not pointing out at something that has actually outraged customers? We want unliminet modem back the way it was. The new one is a scam. You get 500 mb that runs out after 1hr. No free social media. In fact the name itself is now misleading. Airtel shot themselves on the foot and they’ll live to regret this move. People who spend less than 20 bob are happy with the new offering but the people who used to spend 50 or more on unliminet for heavy browsing are now left with no option than to use Telekom’s 5gb for 39 bob.

  8. Not impressed better old data bundles. They have removed unliminet modem weekly data bundles that ware affordable. it seems I will have to migrate to other services like zuku internet who are offering unlimited internet for 30 days and better speed. Airtel internet bundles are worst better using Telkom.

  9. The new bundles idea is a scam… The make you think that they are helping you but remember this… In the previous data arrangements there used to be free whatsapp free Facebook and Twitter once the bundle runs out… Now there nothing of that sort so stop praising them… They just made their services more crapish

  10. Heavy data users should check out faiba or Telkom…
    Airtel is plain sh**t after scraping the unliminet …
    It was the only thing that made their slow net bearable

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