Best Gadgets You Must Get Your Hands on in 2020

Top 5 Gadgets to Try Out in 2020


The beginning of a new decade is near, and what a better way to welcome it than by purchasing a new gadget? Considering how the previous decade was marked with significant scientific breakthroughs in technology, it is only fitting.

And do not worry, we have something special for you. In 2020, major tech companies announced a plethora of new tech pieces for avid users. Some of them are already promising to be real gems. Here is a list of the most marvelous gadgets that you must try out in 2020!


Are you having problems with your neck and back? Do not worry, the solution is here! NeckMassager is a nifty little gadget that helps alleviate pain in your neck. How does this little piece of technology achieve that? Quite easily – it massages your neck.

The device uses Infrared Heat which stimulates blood circulation and eases tension under your skin. It uses the Electro Frequency Stimulation Massage Therapy as well, which is a great thing if you need help with muscle spasms and nerve pain. You can choose between 6 modes and 16 strength options. Its battery can last up to 7 hours before recharging!


Do you want to be fluent in several languages? How about dozens of languages? Muama is the brand-new translation device that you can carry around the world. What Muama does is instantly translate speech input into the targeted language output. It is very small in size, so it can fit virtually any pocket. The main point of using Muama is spreading the level of communication among people from different nations. All that, without learning foreign languages for years. With Muama, you do not need extensive learning, you can just turn the device on and start speaking.

Zendure SuperTank USB-C Portable Charger

The concept of portable chargers is not new. It is a blissful thing – you can carry it around and still charge your beloved devices whenever you need it. In a way, it is one of the most important pieces that you need in your everyday life. The Zendure SuperTank USB-C portable charger is one of the best portable chargers that your money can buy right now. It has 27,000mAh capacity (99.9Wh). If you need to charge multiple devices, Zendure SuperTank is just for you. You can use it to charge a MacBook Pro at full speed, and if you are wondering about phone charging – do not worry. It can charge your iPhone seven times before it runs out of power. Just think of all the hours of gaming that you gain with SuperTank! It is great for users that like to play games online, especially Blackjack games that you can play for free here on websites like Blackjack Gala. Simply connect the charger to your devices via USB-C and USB-A ports and you are all set.


If you are having problems with arriving at a certain location, you usually turn to navigation, right? Well, sometimes that can be quite dangerous for you, especially if you are holding your phone in one hand and driving with your other hand.

Thankfully, a tech company Fixd decided to create a new gadget that can help you drive safer and reach your destination hassle-free. Vizr™ is the new technology that can transform any phone into a Heads-Up Display. This way, you can pay attention to the road and let your phone navigate you to your desired location. Vizr is very easy to set up and comes with several features, including navigation, fighter jet mode, and trip mode.

Bose Audio Sunglasses

Imagine having sunglasses that you can use to play music or answer calls. Well, you do not have to imagine anymore, they are here. Bose Audio Sunglasses are the sunglasses of the future. Forget sci-fi movies and secret agents, you can have your futuristic equipment with the new glasses from Bose. Next to UV protection on the list of perks is phone call support, Bluetooth connection, and music player. Yes, you read that right! Right now, the glasses can be connected to other devices and can use different apps such as Skype and Google Maps. The developing company hopes to expand the list of perks by adding gaming and fitness apps in the future. Imagine that!

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