Telkom Kenya is Giving Out Free Data For Interrupted Service

telkom free data

Telkom Kenya Plaza

Telkom Kenya customers have not had the best service from the network this month. Early this month, customers were complaining of network issues which in some cases lasted for an entire week.

The kind of service interruption Telkom Kenya faced was bad for the company’s image and bad for the customers. They ended up acknowledging the issue on Twitter but still people were complaining.

Telkom Kenya had not specified why a number of their customers were experiencing network issues. Later on, it was revealed that the genesis of the problem was a tower dispute between Telkom Kenya and a pan-African tower company. The regulator, Communiations Authority of Kenya, stepped in and ordered the company to resolve the tower dispute with Telkom Kenya.

Now it seems that Telkom is going all the way to appease their customers due to the network outage.

Telkom customers have received a message from the network where the company says they’ve awarded them free data for the massive data interruption. The message reads:

You have been awarded FREE 1GB valid 24 hours from your interrupted data service

It is good that Telkom has decided to gift us free data for use thanks to the data interruption, but the fact that it has a 24 hour expiry makes it anticlimatic.

It is interesting to point out that I was not able to spot the free data when I typed *544#, but I was able to spot it while in the Telkom Kenya app. It was under “Bonus Data” and in my case, it expires on 21st December 2019, which is in 2 days, which is different from the 24 hour expiry limit that we got from Telkom.


In other cases, some people are receiving texts from Telkom Kenya of their data bundle validity being extended. In this case, his 30GB bundle has been extended by a further 5 days.



  1. I have lost more in terms of money time and frustrations trying to resolve this matter 1gb is just a joke to it’s customers

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