CES 2020 – Some basic facts you should know

CES 2020

The biggest tech showcase event of the year, Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is scheduled for January 2020, and going by whatever has been heard about it so far, it’s going to turn the tech world upside down this time. It’s a place where you get to see the best and upcoming tech products to be expected in the coming year. This time everyone is hoping everything ranging from personal drones (capable of flying you around) to transparent Ultra-HD TVs to 5G phones to be on display.

However, there are always some things that are exhibited totally unexpected, for instance a robot dog! Furthermore, Ivanka Trump will be one of the speakers at the event this time and the Facebook users are not happy about that.

The focus and timelines

This year’s show is also expected to focus extensively on customer experience improvement, data analytics, tourism and travel. Although there will be the regular assortment of new age phones, laptops, speakers, televisions and headphones, there will be sex toys on display too. CES 2020 is scheduled from January 7, 2020, Tuesday to January 10, 2020, Friday. The conferences on the other hand will begin from January 5, Sunday, starting 12 PM PST, continuing till Tuesday. Companies like LG, Samsung, Sony and others introduce their new products during this time, at the onstage keynotes.


Registration is available on the CES 2020 website, free for media people and $ 100 for non-media visitors. But please note $ 100 is the price of the early bird tickets; the ticket price easily shoots up to around $ 300 from mid-December onwards. Apart from that, one can even buy a Starter Conference Pass for $ 700 which provides access to multiple events surrounding the biggest trends.

Las Vegas and CES

As you might be aware, CES normally happens in Las Vegas and almost completely takes over the strip and its surrounding areas. A total of 2,750,000 ft² of exhibition space will be utilised this time at multiple venues including The Venetian, The Sands, Las Vegas Convention Center and Mandalay Bay. The event is attended by close to 180,000 people each year who apart from checking out the technologies on display also indulge heavily in Vegas betting and gambling activities. Hence, on the whole, it makes a lot of business sense for the Sin City to host this event. What is even more interesting is that there are only 160,000 hotel rooms on offer in Las Vegas, hence every venue fills up pretty fast and it’s normal to witness huge crowds on the roads leading up to the convention centre, during the event.

Companies taking part

The 2020 edition of the CES will have almost every big tech company taking part in it, including Facebook, Sony, Samsung, Canon, Amazon, Microsoft, Lenovo, LG, MSI, Intel, Nikon and many more. Please note, not every company will be showcasing new products as many of them will be there only for business, while some would be collecting feedback on potential future offerings. Having mentioned that, they will nevertheless be hundreds of latest products on display this year, in almost every single category.