Telkom Kenya Now Offers Upto 100% More Data For The Same Price

Telkom Kenya


We are a time where buying data bundles to access the Internet is as normal as buying bread from the shop. This has led to stiff competition in the industry and when a player changes their tier, the others have to step up to compete.

Well, now Telkom Kenya has revised their daily, weekly and monthly bundles where you now get more data for the same price. This is good news for the millions of Telkom users out there who use their network everyday .

ValidityOld Package New Package Price (Kshs)
Daily40MB 70MB 10
Daily100 MB 200MB 20
Daily500 MB 700MB 50
Weekly150MB 350MB 49
Weekly400MB 750MB 99
Weekly2GB 2.5GB 249
Monthly1GB 2GB 249
Monthly3GB 5GB 499
Monthly10GB 12GB 999
Monthly20GB 30GB 1999
Monthly36GB 50GB 2999

As you can see from the table above, some of the data bundle offerings have received a 100% hike at the same price point which is nice to see. At the low end, you can get a healthy 70MB for only KES 10 and you can get as much as 50GB of data for KES 3,000 a month up from 36GB.

I’ve been a regular customer of the 500MB daily bundle and I’m happy that now you can get 700MB for the same price. This is more than enough for me to stream on Spotify or browse casually on Twitter.

The 2GB daily data for KES 100 , Night Owl 5GB data for KES 39, the 30GB bundle for KES 1000 and the Mzito Combo bundles are still unaffected by the new changes.

Telkom Kenya has confirmed the new changes when I enquired. “We have revised our data offers and it is a permanent offer,” a spokesperson confirmed.

The new changes are a welcome reply to Airtel’s new Amazing Data Bundles that they announced last month. Airtel were offering upto 100% in some offerings and now Telkom has replied with a similar approach. This is all a win win for the consumers as now we can have more data allowances for the same price.


  1. Meanwhile safaricom still giving 150mb and 150 sms for 50 bob for the last 6 years straight. And who still uses sms?

  2. Telkom is and will continue to be Customers preffered network of data.
    Imagine since jana sijamaliza hiyo 700MB at 50Bob. This is my best Network.

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